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About me

I've helped companies multiply their revenue in a matter of weeks, and now I'm helping people get their dream jobs. Sign up below if you want a free guide from me on the most efficient and profitable way to do lead generation!

I run a blog that teaches you how to code--code(love).

I keep my personal writings and learnings here.


I've run marketing teams. I've automated data analysis and processes for companies with revenues nearing a billion dollars.

I've had the pleasure of writing for Fast Company, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, The Next Web, VentureBeat, and Techvibes.

My core focus right now is on my own blockchain venture RelativeBlock.

I have about ten hours a week dedicated to growth advising: creating and sustaining a data-driven framework for an automated, replicable growth engine that earns you dollars while you sleep.

I go in and look through your processes and your data and sift down to what next steps really matter towards your company growth. This, as an example, is how I was able to generate $800,000 on about $5,000 spend with Springboard with my guide to data science jobs.

Reach out to me if you want to connect and work together!

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