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The love between Ada Lovelace and Lord Byron

The love between Ada Lovelace and Lord Byron.

Love often works in mysterious ways.

Take, for example, the story of Lord Byron and Ada Lovelace.

Lord Byron was the pinnacle of Romanticism. He is often described as one of the greatest English poets. His love burned through pages and ink, and it burned through people too.

He would father one legitimate child among a litter of others -- driving his wife to bitter cynicism. Lord Byron would set sail for Greece five months after his one legitimate daughter was born.

A few years later, he would die of fever in Greece at the tender age of 36. After having fought for the Greeks in their war of independence, he was forever immortalized as a loveful folk hero. Animated by love for Hellenic principles, he had given his life for a country halfway around the world.

His daughter was not so lucky. She only received a poem that immortalized her as "the sole daughter of his home and heart." But she would never have her father in her life.

Lord Byron's daughter would grow up talented in mathematics and logical reasoning, a pursuit swayed by her mother, who wanted her to grow away from what she deemed her "father's insanity".

As a result, the daughter became immortalized as Ada Lovelace -- a polymath who became the world's first programmer. Ada was the first to grasp how significant computing machines would be.

She was a genius borne of a strange kind of love. Told to stay away from her absent father, she ended up becoming something completely different -- yet she always wondered about him.

When Ada Lovelace died at the exact same age as her father, she had long since asked to be buried at his side.

Lord Byron's love burned so brightly, it could not contain itself to one person or country. It bled into the annals of literature, and there, became immortalized in history.

Ada Lovelace's love was quiet, taciturn -- she grew up to be everything her father wasn't -- yet that never stopped her from missing him.

Their love for each other burned differently, hued in contrasting shades. Yet there can be no question about that love, the very same love that may have powered them both to spurts of genius and insanity.

Our world is better, in so many unfathomable ways, because of the divided love they shared.

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